History of Para-Port®

~ 1960s ~

  • The Para-Port® Door was created and engineered. Para-Port® received it’s first purchase order in 1962 and was delivered and installed. Para-Port® received seven orders for doors the first year!
  • Quickly Para-Port® Doors became the most sought after hangar doors on the market

~ 1970s ~

  • Popularity grew and became the most dominant door system over the years Para-Port® grew
  • Through the 70s Para-Port® delivered and installed hundreds of doors through out the country

~ 1980s ~

  • Para-Port® designed a door that could withstand the extremities of cold weather. Word traveled fast and Para-Port® expanded all through out America

~ 1990s ~

  • In 1997 Machine Tool Design & Fab Corp combined with Para-Port® and continued to serve all customers
  • Interestingly through the years Machine Tool Design & Fab Corp. built and fabricated the mechanical components that went along with all the doors

~ 2000s ~

  • In 2007 Machine Tool Design & Fab and Para-Port® began working new literature along with a new website, bringing Para-Port® to the digital age
  • Para-Port® continued to design and develop. Door line expanded with custom applications for all structures. Broadening horizons targeting different markets with custom doors. (Navy Ships, Athletic Facilities, Helicopter Facilities and much more)

~ 2010s ~

  • In the new decade, twenty-two Para-Port® doors were installed overseas in Afghanistan VIA the United States Military. These doors operate smoothly and reliably in the heat and extreme sandy conditions of the Afghan Deserts
  • Creating Custom Doors for the U.S. Navy Vessels