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Industry Leading Industrial & Aviation Hangar Doors Since 1962

About Para-Port®

Para-Port® Hangar doors are by far the most reliable and cutting edge doors on the market today. Have been since 1962. Not only will it be the most cost effective for ownership, but it will be the most reliable. Para-Port® Door has installed custom doors from Falkland Islands to the Equator to the Dunes in Afghanistan for the United States Military.


  • No infringement on flight line 
  • No clearance requirements on tarmac 
  • LEED points apply for natural light 
  • Easy to install on existing and new hangars 
  • Reduced structural requirements versus other solutions 
  • Perfect zero lot line solution 
  • All maintenance done at ground level 
  • Can be manually operated in the event of a power failure 

Industry Leading Reliability

  • Manufacturing Hangar Doors for nearly 60 years 
  • Doors fully operational today installed over 50 years ago 
  • Most proven fabric Hangar door manufacturer and one of the oldest hangar door manufactures in existence 
  • Operating in all climates from North Slope of Alaska to the Equator including 14 doors in Afghanistan 
  • Designed for wind load ratings up to 140 MPH 
  • Operable in winds up to 35 MPH 
  • Engineered for minimal annual maintenance requirements 
  • Industry leading support from manufacturer and 3rd party service organizations 

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Leads Industry in total cost of door installed
  • Industry leading seal to eliminate air exchange 
  • Designed to evenly distribute a load of lintel with no point loads reducing structural and founational requirements 
  • No tracks, Hydraulics, expensive cylinders and minimal mechanical mechanisms 

“Para-Port® doors are the most reliable doors on the market. We at Overhead Door of Augusta installed a model D2 Para-Port® door in 1972, the first mechanical failure on the door was a worn-out gear box replaced in 2017”