Questions about Para-Port®

What sizes are the doors available in?

– Our doors are custom built to fit the building. We work with each customer and builder to maximize the width of the opening. Para-Port® has models for the most prevalent door opening requirements and frequently over the history of Para-Port® engineer to specific door sizes above and below our standard models.

Are there different colors available?

– Other colors are available at additional costs but it will extend the manufacturing time required.

How long will the curtain material last?

– The average life expectancy for the curtain is around 12-15 years. However, we have replaced curtain that have been in service for 30 years.

Is this a new product?

– No. Para-Port® Doors have been in service for over 30 years, with some of the first units installed in the 1960s.

Can this door be used in any climate?

– Yes. Para-Port® doors are in service all over the world. In cold northern climates the ice and snow do not stick to the door so it remains serviceable in weather conditions. In warm climates the doors can be opened partially to allow cool breezes in while blocking the afternoon sun.

Are these doors available outside the United States?

– Yes. Shipping and installing is available all over the World. We have shipped doors to Canada, South America, Australia and Afghanistan.

Can the door be manually operated?

– Yes. All doors are supplied with electric operators and controls. Each door is also supplied with an emergency hand crank for each drive to be used in the event of a power failure.

Does the door seal well?

– Yes. Our door has the fewest number of required sealing points of any product available. While most doors require a moveable seal at the top, sides, bottom and through the middle of the door, we only require seals at the sides and bottom, the top is a solid attachment and the opening is covered with one complete sheet of material.

Do you deliver?

– Yes. Shipping and installing is available all over the World. We have shipped doors to Canada, South America, Falkland Islands, Australia and Afghanistan.

How does Para-Port® doors work in high winds?

– Our base doors are rated for 90 MPH wind loading through 140 MPH. All doors are fully operable in wind conditions up to 35 MPH. The Para-Port® door system outperform all configurations of swing up doors in windy conditions without rendering it unusable or compromised.