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From Old-School to Cutting Edge: Para-Port® Retrofit Hangar Doors

March 27, 2024

Leave the mechanical headaches of steel hangar doors in the past—Para-Port® Doors presents the ultimate solution for airport owners, FBOs, architects, engineers, builders, and PEMBs: the Para-Port® hangar door. 

Elevate your hangar experience and embrace the future, and the past, of hangar door technology.

Keep the “Good Bones” of Your Hangar

If the existing structure of your facility is still strong, why build new? You can strengthen the bones of your facility and gain decades more utility with a retrofitted Para-Port® door.

Not only will you extend the life of your hangar, but Para-Port® hangar doors come with their own steadfast endurance. Many of our installations from 60+ years ago are still fully operational today.

Aesthetic Enhancement without the Need for a Massive Hangar Overhaul

While functionality remains paramount, why not give your hangar a facelift? 

Para-Port® retrofit doors not only improve the cosmetic appearance of your existing hangar but do so without the need for extensive investments in a new facility. 

Our intentionally designed door system fits into your preexisting hangar door space, enhancing both form and function with opportunity to gain clear opening height, width, or both. 

Say goodbye to the industrial age of hangar doors, and say hello to today’s most proven, sleek, and simple hangar door solution!

Para-Port® Doors Redefine Reliability

Mechanical issues that plague industrial-aged hangar doors are now a thing of the past. Para-Port® Doors ensure your hangar operates seamlessly, with 100% reliability. 

Our doors are engineered for robust performance, drastically reducing operating and annual maintenance costs. The result? The lowest overall cost of ownership for your hangar door.

 Para-Port® Delivers Streamlined Process, Swift Results

Decades of expertise have allowed us to refine our product and installation process, ensuring that your custom retrofit door is constructed relatively quickly. Minimize disruptions, with as little as a 2-week downtime for your hangar. Retrofit your door with Para-Port® in a fraction of the time that it would take to build a new hangar. 

That’s an installation timeline that simply can’t be beat by any alternative hangar door system.

Get Tailored Solutions with Ongoing Support

We prioritize your satisfaction. Receive a personalized quote tailored to your dimensions and wind load requirements. Our support team is always on standby, guiding you through the seamless installation process and ensuring your complete satisfaction with your retrofit installation.

Connect with Para-Port® Doors LLC today at 877-247-7640 to start your hangar renovation project. Elevate reliability, enhance aesthetics, and embrace a future-proof solution with Para-Port® retrofit hangar doors.

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