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New Year, Same Trust: Why Para-Port Hangar Doors Remain Unmatched in Reliability

December 29, 2023

It’s plain and simple: You should never be grounded by your hangar door.

A hangar door that won’t open or needs constant maintenance and repair just isn’t doing its job. You should start 2024 with a plan to soar with the most reliable hangar door.

Para-Port® Doors will never get in the way of taking flight. Here’s why.

Durable, High Quality Materials Custom-Engineered for Your Hangar

Para-Port® Doors are designed with simple, durable mechanics that outperform the competition. Other doors require constant inspection and maintenance to make sure they’re going to work as planned.

But Para-Port® Doors have ZERO downtime. They always open and are always operable, even in a power outage. 

We custom-fit each of our hangar doors to suit your hangar, whether it’s a new build or a retrofit. This means it will also offer you the best seal from the elements in addition to its operability.

Our materials are so reliable that doors we installed 40-50 years ago are still operational today.

Weather-Resistant in High-Wind Conditions

Extreme weather conditions are a reality almost everywhere on the globe. You need a door that can withstand windy conditions, and the competition really can’t compete in this area.

Para-Port® Doors are ASCE rated to sustain winds up to 140 MPH. They are fully operational in wind conditions up to 35 MPH.

Whatever the weather condition, you can expect your hangar door to open and close quickly and efficiently. The curtain lifts on electric operations and controls at 13 feet per minute. Even if you lose power, all of our doors are equipped with an emergency hand crank for each drive.

Reliable… and Safe

The comprehensive safety features built into Para-Port® Doors ensure that your personnel and equipment are protected from accidents during door operation. This includes sensors, emergency stop systems, and advanced control mechanisms. 

These features keep your crew safe and prevent damage to your hangar door, contributing to its long-term reliability.

Don’t get grounded by your hangar door. Connect with Para-Port® Doors LLC or give us a call at 877-247-7640 to soar into 2024.

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