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Why Para-Port Hangar Doors Are Really (REALLY) Energy Efficient

November 24, 2023

With operating expenses on the rise, hangar operators and FBOs everywhere are on the lookout for more ways to cut costs without sacrificing safety and quality. With a Para-Port® Door, you can bring energy efficiency to your hangar, saving both money and resources.

Here’s why Para-Port® is the preferred choice for energy efficiency:

A Better Seal in Every Season

Every other hangar door requires moveable seals throughout the middle of the door, along the bottom and sides, and on top of their doors. All of these seals can wear out over time, creating more energy-leak gaps for your hangar.

The single continuous fabric panel of a Para-Port® Door keeps your climate-controlled air from escaping into the elements through hinge points and gaps between sections, which reduces your overall energy consumption. The top of your door is a solid attachment, and the door itself is a complete sheet of material. These two design components significantly reduce your energy expenses and heat leakage. Less leakage means less time to recoup your temperature with a Para-Port® Door

Tight and Continuous Seal When Closed

Besides the fabric itself, Para-Port® Doors are specially designed to provide a tight and precise seal when the doors are closed. This engineering keeps air from leaking in or out, minimizing drafts and heat loss.

Consistent Seal Even When Opening

With any other door, the second you decide you need to open up your hangar, you compromise the temperature controlled environment you’ve created. The heating and cooling system immediately kicks into overdrive to compensate for the leakage from all four sides of your hangar door.

That doesn’t happen with a Para-Port® Door. Para-Port® Doors prevent heat from escaping at the top and sides of your hangar. You can open the door only as much as you need to, reducing the time your hangar is exposed to the elements keeping conditioned air in the upper part of the hangar.

With a Para-Port® Door only one side is exposed to air whereas with other systems your hangar will be flooded with unconditioned air on all four sides and your heating and cooling system expends energy trying to bring your hangar back up to temperature. A Para-Port® Door means less time to recoup your temperature, equaling energy savings for you.  

Speed of Operation from Open to Shut

Para-Port® Doors are engineered to open and close moving at 13 feet per minute, which reduces the time your hangar has to be exposed to the elements.

Reduced Reliance on Interior Lighting

An often overlooked benefit of a Para-Port® Door is its translucent material, which lets natural light into what is often a dark, dungeon-like space. This soft, natural light reduces your reliance on the expensive and glaring artificial light from overhead fluorescents. The less you have to use these lights, the less you have to replace them, too, reducing the cost of interior lighting all around.

You can make significant gains by choosing a Para-Port® Door for your hangar, whether you’re looking to build new or retrofit your existing hangar with an upgraded door. Connect with Para-Port® Doors LLC or give us a call at 877-247-7640.

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