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The Most Reliable Hangar Door on the Market

June 12, 2023

You don’t have time to mess around with hangar doors that don’t open consistently and require extensive maintenance.

Para-Port® hangar doors are by far the most reliable hangar door on the market. A Para-Port® door means ZERO compromise—on reliability, functionality, and quality.

Whether you choose Para-Port® hangar doors as a replacement option for your hangar renovation project or build them into your new hangar design, you’ll experience reliability and durability for the lifetime of your hangar.

Para-Port® Hangar Doors Open Every Time

The cables and straps on bi-fold doors need constant inspection to make sure they track correctly over the drum. Their cables fray, tear, and break. The cable tension can be too loose and unequally taut. Their hinges need to be greased and lubricated.

Hydraulic doors likewise need to have their lines, hoses, and cylinders inspected for leaks and their oil reserve refilled with hydraulic fluid. If gearbox fluid levels are low, the seals could be leaking. Drive chains need to be properly aligned and lubricated regularly.

Besides all of these headaches, you’ll also have… 

  • manual and automatic latch engagement
  • brake failures 
  • gearbox teeth wear and tear
  • damaged belts, sprockets, chains, and chain links

All this impacts the reliability of other hangar doors, requiring frequent maintenance checks — or worse, inoperable doors that delay your operations.

With a Para-Port® hangar door, there’s no compromising on quality and reliability.

Para-Port® hangar doors are designed with simple, durable mechanicals that ensure your door opens easily, every time. 

All of our doors are supplied with electric operators and controls. They open quickly and efficiently, lifting the curtain 13 feet per minute.

Operable in Winds up to 35 MPH

Our doors are ASCE rated to sustain winds up to 140 MPH, and they are fully operable in wind conditions up to 35 MPH. Custom built to fit the building, our doors offer the tightest seal for climate efficiency, no matter how cold or hot the climate.

Power Outage? No Problem.

You don’t have to be stuck in the dark or rely heavily on a generator to get your hangar door open anymore. 

All of our Para-Port® hangar doors are equipped with an emergency hand crank for each drive that can be used in the event of a power failure.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Sustainability and lower environmental impact is the latest name in the game. Para-Port® leads the charge with not only the most efficient hangar doors but also the most affordable over the life of the product.

When it comes to cutting back on your overhead costs for running your hangar, Para-Port® delivers. Our hangar door curtain is designed using translucent material, which allows more natural light to enter the hangar. 

It’s also the tightest sealing door on the market, so that you can keep in more temperature-controlled air (whether A/C or heat). You can also partially open our hangar door, which reduces heat escape.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to Para-Port® hangar doors is that they can last for decades with the lowest operating and maintenance costs. Doors we installed 40-50 years ago are still operational today!

Quit messing around with bi-fold and hydraulic doors, with their heavy equipment, reliance on huge steel supports, inefficient climate control and energy usage, and difficult maintenance routines. 

Visit Para-Port® Doors LLC or give us a call at (877) 247-7640 to learn more about how to fit your hangar with Para-Port® Doors.

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