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At war with your door? Retrofit Your Hangar with the Most Reliable Door

April 27, 2023

The mechanical issues that cause your industrial-aged hangar doors to freeze shut are a thing of the past. Para-Port® Doors LLC provides you an upgrade to your hangar door to bring you peace of mind. 

No More Timely, Expensive Door Maintenance

Reliability ought to be baked into hangar door operation—the whole point of a hangar door is to open and close. The rigidity and simplicity of the engineering and design of a Para-Port® Door ensures that you no longer have to invest time, energy, and money into making sure your doors open. Para-Port® Doors give your hangar 100% reliability while dramatically reducing operating and annual maintenance costs and providing the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Give Your Hangar a Facelift

Functionality is certainly your top priority, but it wouldn’t hurt to look good too. A retrofit door from Para-Port® improves the cosmetic appearance of your old-school hangar without needing to invest heavily in a brand new facility. You don't have to worry if a Para-Port® door will fit in your preexisting hangar door space. Our door system was intentionally and purposefully designed, not only to suffice during new hangar construction, but to retrofit your current hangar door space viably.                



Extend the Life of Your Hangar

If the bones of your facility are strong, you can get decades more usage out of your hangar with some small improvements that extend its life. A custom retrofit Para-Port® Door only adds more reliability to the hangar you already trust to protect the aircraft inside. Para-Port® hangar doors installed 60+ years ago are still in operation today. 

Straight-Forward Process

Para-Port® has helped countless customers install a custom retrofit hangar door to their existing facility for decades, long enough to have perfected the process so that it’s streamlined and simple. With the right people, Para-Port® door construction and installation can be done in 3 months or less with as little as a 2 week disruption in the use of your hangar. (Sometimes, lead times for other hangar door systems are longer than our whole process!)

We’ll prepare a quote to meet your dimensions and wind load requirements, plan for a seamless installation process, and then build your door so that it is ready to install. Our support team is always available to make sure you are completely satisfied with your retrofit.

Connect with Para-Port® Doors LLC or give us a call at 877-247-7640 to discuss your hangar renovation project and hangar door needs.

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