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Light Your Hangar Naturally with a Para-Port® Door

April 07, 2023

As energy costs continue to rise, FBOs and airport owners have to evaluate costs and look for savings wherever they can be found. Most hangars are illuminated with harsh and expensive fluorescents, metal-halide lamps, mercury-vapor lamps, or sodium-vapor lamps. Depending on which of these you currently rely on, your hangar can feel more like a prison or an operating room. In either case, they don’t make your hangar a very appealing place to work.

The most cost-efficient source of light available shines every single day of the year, for free, and you can let its light shine in while keeping your hangar door shut.

When you’re renovating or building a new hangar, cost-efficient and energy-efficient lighting is just one of the factors to consider. With a Para-Port® Door, your hangar door choice can save you money on your interior lighting.

Translucent Hangar Door Curtain Material

The durable curtain material provides significant cost benefits to FBOs, including lower structural build costs compared to other door types, a seal that provides the greatest amount of energy efficiency in every climate, and reliability that results in the easiest ongoing maintenance.

On top of these benefits, Para-Port® Doors are made from translucent material, which allows natural light in while keeping the elements out. 

Save Money and Energy

There are other ways you can save when you’re considering hangar upgrades. Combine the translucence of our hangar doors with LED replacements programmed with an automated control system for the most energy efficient space imaginable. Switching to LEDs reduces your lighting energy consumption on average 60-85 percent.

What about wind rating? Durability in all weather climates? Size? We have all of the answers you’re looking for in your hunt for a new hangar door. Call us with any questions or visit Para-Port® Doors LLC to find out more about our hangar doors. Ready to move forward with a reliable, cost-efficient option for your hangar? Request a quote and someone from our team will reach out to talk about your hangar needs. 

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