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Solving Winter Weather Hangar Challenges with a Para-Port® Door

January 12, 2023

Winter generates the most headaches for FBOs in the northern climates, but with Para-Port® Doors LLC, many of those headaches are eliminated. Here’s how installing a Para-Port® Door can make all the difference for your winter woes:

Tightest Seal for the Best Energy Efficiency

One of the greatest challenges for an FBO when the temperatures drop is keeping the heat inside the hangar and increasing the heat again after the doors are shut. All of this heat movement increases energy consumption. When most hangar doors open, they have to open on all four sides, which allows cold air to flood the hangar… even at the top, where all the warm air lives.

But a Para-Port® Door is continuously attached across the header and is equipped with both side seals and hold downs along the bottom to ensure your hangar remains airtight even in the most adverse weather conditions. The efficiency and reliability with which the door operates mean less cold air coming in and less time and energy are needed for the temperature to return to normal in the hangar. This reduces the amount of cold air exchange when you’re maneuvering aircraft in and out of the hangar. With less cold air coming in, it takes less fuel and less time to bring the temperature back to normal.


Do Away with Frozen Mechanisms and Slow-Moving Hydraulics

While the mechanisms and hydraulics required to operate bi-fold and hydraulic doors are susceptible to mechanical failures in frigid temperatures, Para-Port® Doors display immunity to these climates. Para-Port® Doors do not swing out so snow build-up does not affect the doors’ ability to open and the curtain itself even repels ice and snow. Because of its design, Para-Port® Doors are the most reliable hangar door on the market.

Para-Port® Doors are effective even in the coldest, snowiest climates. We’ve even installed doors for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who cannot afford to spend time trying to get a hangar open so they can move aircraft. They use Para-Port® Doors because they are the most dependable hangar door in the winter months.

With a Para-Port® Door, you don’t have to mess around with all of the maintenance issues bi-fold and hydraulic doors can bring. Para-Port® Doors can be retrofitted to any hangar, and when they’re incorporated into new construction, they can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in building support and materials. Don’t skimp upfront on a door that will cost you profit (and air) leaks later. Choose Para-Port® Doors for the lowest total cost of ownership, and save.

Para-Port® Doors LLC are ready to get you fitted with a hangar door that performs. 

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