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What Should You Expect From your Hangar Door?

November 21, 2022

We hear loads of assumptions that FBOs make every day when they’re deciding on new or replacement hangar doors. The reality is that the old standby arguments and expectations for hangar maintenance and improvements are out of date and even inaccurate. 

Let’s debunk the myths about what you should expect from your hangar doors.

Myth: You Need to Spend More for the Best-of-the-Best in Hangar Doors

The most expensive hangar doors on the market cost more because they have more moving parts, require hydraulics, need space for panels for the limit switches, and require more significant structural support. With the latest advancements in technology, you can achieve the same results—and better—with a curtain hangar door from Para-Port® Doors LLC. You will spend far less in total cost of ownership, especially if you have a large entrance you want to protect. Para-Port® Doors can be custom designed for new hangars or retrofit in existing hangar entries for openings as small as 40 feet or large openings  of 150 feet and higher, and everything in between.

Our doors are lighter, require less overhead clearance, increase natural light, are wind-rated for up to 140 MPH, offer the tightest seal, are the most efficient in any climate, and, because they have significantly less points of failure, improve reliability. 

Why would you spend hundreds of thousands more dollars on a hangar door that provides you with less features?

Myth: Regular Door Maintenance Is Just Part of the Business

Bi-fold, hydraulic, section doors with mullions, and rolling hangar doors require ongoing and extensive maintenance to ensure that your door will open when you need to access your aircraft. Oftentimes, you have to include specialty door service fees into your budget or call in control experts to diagnose and fix your door when it malfunctions. But shouldn’t you expect your door to open every time you want to open it?

Why would you pay to have a door company on call for emergency fixes when you could just rely on a door that always opens?

Myth: It’s Just a Door… What Does It Matter?

That hangar door protects millions of dollars worth of aircraft. You have to open and shut your hangar door just as much as you need aircraft to navigate in and out for flights—shouldn’t you have the same standard of excellence and expectations for operation for your hangar doors as you have for your aircraft?

Why would you expect less from your hangar door than you do from your aircraft or only other element of your airport operations?

If you’re fine with the status quo, buy a more expensive, less reliable hangar door. But if you want to save money and operate your hangars more efficiently, then check out the door that has been in service for over 60 years, Para-Port® Doors. You should expect more from your hangar door. 

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