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How Often Do You Ask Why? Why Your Hangar Needs a Para-Port® Door

October 13, 2022

The nuts and bolts answers to questions about how something works or what it does are important—and Para-Port® Doors LLC has those answers too—but the real question you should be asking yourself when searching for a new hangar door is why. How often do you ask yourself why?

Why is your hangar door just as important as your aircraft?

The aircraft housed in your hangar - those mechanical miracles of flight - are expensive. They are sensitive to the elements. They need protection and attention. You’ve worked too hard on these aircraft to take security and environmental risks that can damage or destroy your investments. A hangar door keeps the elements out and your aircraft in, and you want to choose the best doors possible to protect your aircraft, without adding additional headaches to your day.

Why does the type of hangar door matter?

Where do you want to be spending all of your time—tinkering with the mechanics of your hangar door, or managing the maintenance of your aircraft fleet? Obviously, your planes and helicopters are the moneymakers… not your hangar door. But some hangar doors can be hard and costly to maintain, jam easily, and strain the structure of your facility. You want to choose a hangar door that is going to give you the least trouble while providing you with the most protection and bang for your buck.

Why is a Para-Port® Door the superior choice for your hangar?

Of all the hangar doors on the market, Para-Port® doors are the easiest to maintain and have the lowest total cost of ownership. Our hangar door material is translucent, which allows natural light to come in while keeping the elements out. But just because it is translucent doesn’t mean it isn’t sturdy, durable, and strong enough to withstand those same elements. Para-Port® Doors are ASCE rated for up to 140mph wind load, and unlike any other door system, they are efficient in every climate. Other door systems can be unreliable, but Para-Port® Doors open every time your aircraft needs to fly.

Why do you need a Para-Port® Door? Because when there’s only one thing standing between your aircraft and the outside world, you want it to be as strong, durable, and efficient as possible, made by people who understand the “why” behind this whole business. 

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