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Behind the Scenes: The Environmental Impact of Para-Port® Doors

July 05, 2022

Let’s face it, operating a hangar is an expensive business. No one wants to cut corners when it comes to aircraft, but with rising fuel costs and an energy crisis that doesn’t seem to have an end, there’s a lot that you can do to reduce your expenses and your impact on the environment. 

Para-Port® Doors LLC prides itself on offering a hangar door solution for new builds or renovation projects that isn’t just efficient and affordable, it also comes with serious environmental benefits that translate into more dollars kept in your pocket.

Made from Recycled Materials

Para-Port®’s fabric is a proprietary fabric of Rubb Building Systems. Rubb Building Systems is part of a PolyLoop program that takes old material and recycles it into new material, which means that when you choose Para-Port® Doors, you are choosing an environmentally friendly product that doesn’t sacrifice quality for durability. On top of that, Rubb is constantly working to improve the fabric to make it more environmentally efficient.

Requires Less Electricity

Because Para-Port® Door material is translucent, it is able to provide lots of natural light for the interior of your hangar. This means you need less power to run the lights in your hangar, saving you money on your energy bill.

Keeps Your Climate Controlled Environment In and the Elements Out

Para-Port® Doors are ASCE rated for winds up to 140 MPH and are fully operable in wind conditions up to 35 MPH. They offer the tightest seal, making it a more efficient choice for any climate, cold or hot, wet or dry. In cold northern climates, the ice and snow do not stick to the door so it remains serviceable in weather conditions. In warm climates, the doors can be opened partially to allow cool breezes in while blocking the afternoon sun.

Long Life Span

The fabric that Para-Port® Doors are made from is a polyester-based fabric coated with PVC and further coated with an acrylic. This makes it resistant to abrasions and contributes to its long life span, lasting 20-25 years or more. And when it’s all said and done, and your door eventually needs to be replaced, the fabric is recyclable, reducing your environmental impact even more.

If you’re ready to explore the other benefits to installing a Para-Port® Door in your hangar, read on about how it works, or reach out to us for more information.

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