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Get the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership with Para-Port®

February 16, 2022

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when investing in a new hangar door is only looking at the upfront costs and overlooking ongoing maintenance, energy efficiency, and lifespan of the product. It may be tempting to go with the cheaper option to save on the one-time expenses, but is it worth the cost of energy loss and maintenance that might accompany other doors?

Other hangar doors might be the less expensive option upfront, but their ongoing maintenance expenses are bound to cost you in the long run, particularly with a bifold, hydraulic, or swing door. Here’s how Para-Port® Doors compare with other hangar doors on the market.

Energy Savings with a Para-Port® Door

From the moment you open a bifold, hydraulic, or swing door, whatever temperature controlled environment you’ve created inside immediately leaks out all four sides of your hangar, forcing your heating and cooling system to step into high gear to return your system to its desired state.

The strong fabric system of Para-Port® Doors prevents heat from escaping at the top and sides of your hangar. The system allows you to open the door only as much as you need to open it, without unnecessarily exposing your hangar to the elements.

With their high ceilings and wide open indoor spaces, it can be difficult and expensive to keep your hangar from feeling like a dungeon. Fluorescent lights are hard on the eyes, expensive, and challenging to replace. You can reduce the need for these lights by installing Para-Port® Doors. The translucent material of Para-Port® Doors allows soft, natural light into your hangar so you don’t need to rely on overhead lights all of the time.

Because of how they operate, bifold, hinge, and swing up doors all require moveable seals through the middle of the door, and along the bottom and sides, and on top of their doors, which can all wear out and create energy-leak gaps for your hangar. Because the top of the Para-Port® Door is a solid attachment and the door itself is a complete sheet of material, seals are only required along the bottom and the sides. This will significantly reduce your energy expenses and heat leakage.

Ongoing Maintenance Savings with a Para-Port® Door

Other hangar doors like bi-folds, hinge, and swing up doors have lots of moving parts, and the more moving parts, the more likely something is to go wrong. These doors require quarterly maintenance checks to ensure the straps and cables aren’t worn out from use.

While other doors alone might seem less expensive upfront, the requirements for your building to accommodate these doors requires far more structural steel and higher ceilings adding to your overall costs. Sometimes these doors even require groundwork adjustments. If you’re planning to build a new hangar, the engineering requirements can be significantly less expensive with a Para-Port® Door.

Over the years, you’ll find that Para-Port® Doors are easy to maintain and require far less maintenance. The curtain material of our doors has a life expectancy of 20-25 years; however, it is very common for the mechanicals of Para-Port® Doors to last as long as 30 to 40 years or more.

"Para-Port® doors are the most reliable doors on the market. In 1972, we installed a model D2 Para-Port® door at Overhead Door of Augusta, and the first mechanical failure on the door was a worn-out gear box replaced in 2017."
-Tommy Sheppard of Overhead Door Company of Augusta-Aiken 

Learn more about the value of a Para-Port® Door by visiting our website for more details, or watch the door in action in this video:

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